October 1, 2020

New Arrivals in the Real Estate Category

Green area in the heart of the revolution taking place at Omagwa coming up. 

By 9ja Used Goods

Hello Guys!

Happy Independence Day Celebrations to you all (if there is even anything to be happy about). 

So we have been busy trying to identify steals, which is the reason y’all have got mad love for us, aint it? 

Let’s dig in, shall we?


“We are selling at plot at N300, 000 per plot. Discounts are available for bulk buyers (10 plots ). Payment plans may also be available. Gert in touch to find out more. “

We are currently struggling to meet the demands of clients that are interested in our new location at Imogwu, Omagwa. Kindly see the details below:

Total Plots Available: 50 plots

Plots Available (unpurchased): 45 plots

Topography: Table land, dry.

Title: Native


-Dangote has an expansive parcel of land in the area, 

-Salvation Ministries recently purchased 2000 plots much further down.

-Sterling Oil and a few companies are already in the vicinity.

-Nigerian Association of Surveyors purchased 250 plots in close proximity.

-A couple of farms are in the area. 

Price: N300, 000 per plot


Free survey

To get more information and see how you can get yours locked down, kindly get in touch with us on WhatsApp via +1 567 257 1137.

Of course, you will always be updated as more stuffs become available. 

Have fun, and be the best version of you as always. 



The 9ja Used Team


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