November 11, 2019

Making Use of 9ja Used Website

Best practices to get the best out of our website

By 9ja Used Goods

Shopping through a new website can be tasky at times. We have put in effort to ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth as possible. 

Like our name implies, our focused is on Used 9ja Goods that are in super working order. Thanks to the state of the economy, and the hardship a lot of Nigerians are going through, our service has become much more crucial!

Buying used goods doesn’t mean one cannot afford new goods, rather, its a trait of being prudent with ones funds. 

From time to time, we will also be offering special offers on brand new goods that have not been used, but we will be selling them less than the true market value. 

Buying used goods doesn’t mean one cannot afford new goods, rather, its a trait of being prudent with ones funds. 

                                                       SHOPPING ON 9JA USED 

To purchase an item on our website is no different than shopping on the average e-commerce website. All you need to do is to click on the item and select “add to cart”, and checkout once you are done. 

We offer two shipping options at the moment. Delivery AFTER payment, or pickup at our laison office (situated at 15 Woji Estate Road, Woji Town). We do not offer ‘”Pay on Delivery” at the moment. However, we will offer this option to customers that have proven to be honest and straightforward. This is to ensure we do not waste time and money on people that say “they just wanted to see if it works!” (Yeah, that is a thing people do in 9ja). Of course, to every rule, there will always be exceptions, and cases will be looked at as they come. 

You do not need to register or have an account to be able to purchase items on the website. However, we recommend you do this, in order to be able to track your transactions, maintain a wishlist, ensure we can get in touch with you if the need arises, and have a much more rich experience, while making use of the website. 

When shopping, for items that have a value of more than N20,000, we recommend that you use the bank transfer option. It is faster, and ensures that your orders can be completed much more quickly. 

Of course, purchasing a car via the debit card option is not reasonable. Everything is grouped into categories, and we believe common sense will direct you. 🙂 

The account number and an order number will be provided before you complete your order. 

Also, orders can be completed via WhatsApp and calls, FaceBook and Instagram. 

As you can see, we just want to ensure that we can work with whatever you feel comfortable with.

Cheers to you!

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